Tuesday, 2 July 2013

UGAAM Development

I wanted to showcase what I have achieved so far on the UGAAM game, so I will. Unfortunately the Remake version is a work in progress doesn't have all the best bits on it yet. In light of this, I'm going to provide links to both versions for whoever is interested, with a note on what I'd like to demonstrate with each one.

Link to the Remake (Work in Progress)

The great difference in this version is the addition of the Menu Screen and the improvement of the Options and Instructions Screen. Also the Animations:
    -Experience Orbs move with intricate design and reactivity.
    -the Wizard faces the Cursor
    -the Eye Gauge moves out of your way
    -and there are pop-up Notifications added

The reason I want to showcase the demo version still is the complicated collision simulation responsible for making the Boulders bounce off each other and allows them to be pushed away by your spells. The scripting for which will take time to build properly and has not yet been added to the remake.

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