Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Demo Flash Game by yours truly

THIS IS A LOWER QUALITY VERSION to fit on this site, to see
it displayed at the correct resolution please Click Here.

I am truly excited to present the Demo of a game I have been working on, hastily called U.G.A.A.M (untitled game about a magician). I created this to demonstrate my relatively new-found Flash ActionScript abilities, and I am very proud of the results. The idea of the game, although it isn't at that stage yet, is to have many different spells and particles that react differently to each other, so it becomes much more about quick wit and skill than reflexes. I do know how to programme sounds effects and music, and will be asking people to compose for this game now that it's up. Now with all that out of the way, I hope you have fun!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Child of the Moor - Final Year Film

So the University's Degree Show is over, and here is the film I submitted for it.

Child of the Moor - Nick Thorne from Nick Thorne on Vimeo.

The Child of the Moor is inspired by the things I imagine to exist in the moorlands
of particularly Scotland and Ireland, and is fuelled by the desire to convey internal
emotions and thoughts. This animation is about a feral boy, raised by emotionless
demons, who has not before met another human, when he does the capacity
to and longing for care and bonding reveal themselves.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

And my final year film is finally done!

Well I haven't updated my blog for a while due to mainly the pressures of this project, but also that none of my side projects are at a far enough stage to showcase yet, although one should be shortly!

So here we go, the first new post in a while although I shouldn't be involved in a project as heavy as this for a while. This isn't the entire film, I plan to upload that after the university's degree show, though I hope you are intrigued and eagerly await its arrival. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Final Film Mid-Production Taster

I have not settled on a name for the film, but it will be three minutes long and
focus on a boy who was raised by emotionless demons, and longs for affection.

So I am currently in the middle of producing my final film for my third year of
the animation course at UWE. Just to prove that I have been busy working
on it, here are a few parts of the production that exist as more digitally available
entities than the stacks of drawings.