Monday, 25 February 2013

Lost Temple, Flash Game

Please try out my new game by clicking the link below!

It may take a while to load.

Okay! UGAAM is still in production, I ended up re-writing the entire code after a few epiphanies during the coding of this game, the Lost Temple. I have been learning Flash Actionscript self taught, and these are only of the first two or three big projects since starting from knowing absolutely nothing about Actionscript.

So in this particular case with the Lost Temple, the long loading time, and the possible lag during gameplay is something that I will be able to avoid next time I code something of this scale.

I am still learning but I am no longer an amateur in the way I write, structure and organise my code. This was demonstrated by my ability to go back to the UGAAM code after a long break and not need to take any time re-reading it before I understood enough about that particular currently-two-thousand-line-long code structure to start changing and adding code straight away.

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