Saturday, 5 November 2011

Action-Script 3.0

Concept for a game, hover your cursor over the picture

Special thanks to Rebecca Deakin for sparing the time to show
me how to get .swf files hosted on the internet

I have recently begun learning ActionScript 3.0. The Flash piece below is just intended as concept for a game I would like to animate and programme. I need to admit that this particular piece was scripted in ActionScript 2.0, so that I could get a little practice before I got hold of the later version of ActionScript, but so far using ActionScript 3.0 I have successfully scripted tests that include:

>Moving a character left and right via keyboard, and adjusting the background accordingly
>Loading and/or unloading extra characters when the player reaches a certain point  
>Making a character walk over uneven ground or fall to it, without sinking into it

which I will upload here soon, although they will have no aesthetic consideration in them as they are only scripting tests in preparation for making the main game.

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  1. It worked! Also the actionscripty stuff sounds ver. exciting so far!