Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jen and Nick Project

I don't want to ruin too much until it's finished but I am currently working on a creative writing project with Jennifer Egan from Ireland over msn. I had noticed that she wrote quite poetically so I thought it would be brilliant to write a short story between us, and the way we've decided to write it I feel is very innovative. It's about the relationship of two intimate friends who can't speak, written in first person but switching between the two characters. Here is the first paragraph of the boy thinking

"The rain is so heavy that I can feel it pressing down. Last time I set foot over these pebbles was over two years ago. It looks so different to how I remember, but of course I’m bigger now, and it’s completely empty and grey. I’ve never really liked the seaside; it’s associated with too many empty pleasures. Getting wet isn’t so fun either, but I guess at least this way the beach isn’t lying, and it does look beautiful. An ethereal whiteness, decorated only with myself, the pebbles beneath and the front claws of the sea. The sea laps closer to me, outward from its misty hide, as if this rain and wind was here to herald the approach of this much mightier beast. To stand alone in face of such a thing while it roars and stumbles in, I guess that’s what makes my life mine, and no one else’s."

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